I.What is Mechcraft?

Mechcraft is an Ethereum-compatible play-to-earn game that combines the concept of tower defence and NFT, allowing users to fight in PVP & PVE epic battles using a strategic card game.

II.Is this game free to play?­­­

To start playing the game, players will have to purchase a Starter Pack at $500.

III.How play to earn?

Gamers need to play the game and complete daily quest in order to obtain GUARDIAN, Shards, NFTs. NFTs value will appreciate in tandem with increased demand, these are tradeable in the NFTs Marketplace.

IV.Can I play on Mobile?

MECHCRAFT will launch its mobile gaming service on Android & iOS devices.

V.Can I play on the PC?

MECHCRAFT is a mobile game not for PC.

VI.What blockchain wallet support this game?

Only Metamask for now but we will open to more wallet options in near future.

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