Automated Dynamic Equilibrium (ADE)

MECHCRAFT Long-Term Sustainability

Mechcraft ecosystem sustainability is prioritized in the effort to ensure its token, Guardian, price stability and interest of users are met with their Automated Dynamic Equilibrium mechanism for a long-term ecosystem development.

There are numbers of income streams for MECHCRAFT for their ecosystem sustainability as following:

Premium Pass & Items (will accept ETH, USDT, BNB, BUSD)

· 50% for Guardian Special Burning

· 12.5% for Ecosystem

· 12.5% for MECHCRAFT

· 25% for MECHCRAFT developer

Sale of Starter Pack & Chests (will accept ETH, USDT, BNB, BUSD, TUBE2)

· 50% for Guardian Special Burning

· 12.5% for Ecosystem

· 12.5% for MECHCRAFT

· 25% for MECHCRAFT developer

Upgrade NFTs and Equipment Crafting (will accept GUARDIAN)

· 50% for Guardian burning

· 12.5% for Web3.0 Staking Reward

· 12.5% for MECHCRAFT Ecosystem

· 25% for MECHCRAFT developer

Marketplace Listing – (will accept BNB) COMING SOON

· Sellers get 100% of their selling rate

· MECHCRAFT will charge 10% transaction fee on the selling rate from buyers, and distributed as below:

· 3% for In-Game Functional Revenue Streams (Launch at Expansionary Phase. Prior to the launching, this fund will go for MECHCRAFT Ecosystem usage)

· 3% for MECHCRAFT developer

· 3% for GUARDIAN Special Burning

· 1% for E-sport Tournament Prize

E-sport Tournament revenue (will accept GUARDIAN) COMING SOON

· 60% for E-sport tournament prize

· 25% for MECHCRAFT Tournament Set-up

· 10% for MECHCRAFT developer

· 5% for Guardian burning

Friendly Match (will accept Guardian) COMING SOON

· 90% for prize

· 5% for MECHCRAFT developer

· 5% for Guardian burning

Automated Dynamic Equilibrium (ADE)

The Automated Market Maker (AMM) algorithm is widely seen as a key role for decentralized finance (defi) development in the crypto sector. The emerged of AMM in Defi has been crucial to the fame of Defi adoption, such as decentralized trading and farming are facilitated by AMM. It is the AMM that has brought crypto away from the centralized and created a holistic decentralized ecosystem.

Apart from Defi, the Gamefi is widely seen as a crucial development with mass adoption in the blockchain. To facilitate the Gamefi development as a complete successful project, it must need a mechanism similar importance as the AMM role in Defi. Therefore, Automated Dynamic Equilibrium (ADE) are created as the underlying protocol adopted by Mechcraft gamefi with an autonomous equilibrium mechanism between token and NFT.

There are few key ingredients designed in ADE mechanism as listed below:

1. Users only can mint game token by playing game

2. Upgradable NFTs

3. Gamer’s activities will initiate Burning and Special Burning

4. Web3.0 Staking

How Automated Dynamic Equilibrium (ADE) works in Mechcraft

Illustration of the Effect of AED Index

*ADE index > 100 = Positive Impact to Equilibrium

*ADE index < 100 = Negative Impact to Equilibrium

What is Special Burning Mechanism in ADE?

This is an adjustable price-driven practice that will either burn Guardian to appreciate token price or add LP staking to stabilize token price, or both.

The Special Burning mechanism will trigger as per below scenarios:

1. Seasonal Gamified reward < Seasonal Premium Pass Value = buy Guardian to burn

2. Seasonal Gamified reward > Seasonal Premium Pass Value = both

3. Seasonal Gamified reward > Starter Pack Value = buy Guardian to stake LP

The sources of Special Burning:

1. 50% revenue of Premium Pass & Items

2. 50% revenue of Starter Pack & Chests

3. 3% revenue of Marketplace




> Symbol: GUARDIAN

> Contract Address: 0xFc7D1537f7e125668Af50E7A293e3adF761d21cf

> Chain: ANISTIC Network


- Gamified reward in the play-to-earn

- Upgrade NFTs

- E-sport registration fee

- Friendly match

- Staking rewards

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