LP Bridge to Anistic Mainnet

Digital wallet must has Switched to Binance Smart Chain in order to perform this action

1. input https://www.antscan.io/Bridge/Bridge to your digital wallet browser

2. select [From = Binance Smart Chain] , [To = Anistic Mainnet]

3. input your Anistic Mainnet Address

4. Click asset select CAKE-LP

5. Enter LP amount

6. Click on Submit


wGuardian bep20 0x526a913a7a4518AA2ABc3dCd3c46a9C73F40F94A

WGuardian+BNB Cake-LP (BEP-20) 0x4e38A4Ad4f210aD5abB2c8F2598706Ae8B4a1cE6

WGuardian+BNB Cake-LP (Anistic Mainnet) 0x282b6c0cf59d21ca9573ea98a7b92150c084247f

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