wGuardian + BNB add liquidity

Digital wallet must has Switched to Binance Smart Chain in order to perform this action

  1. input https://pancakeswap.finance/liquidity on your Digital Wallet browser

  2. Select liquidity

  3. click on Add Liquidity

4. Select the Pair wGuardian and BNB

not found wGuardian? Copy and Paste this contract to PancakeSwap 0x526a913a7a4518AA2ABc3dCd3c46a9C73F40F94A

5. After check everything, click supply to Add liquidity

Scroll below to see Contracts address


wGuardian bep20 0x526a913a7a4518AA2ABc3dCd3c46a9C73F40F94A

WGuardian+BNB Cake-LP 0x4e38A4Ad4f210aD5abB2c8F2598706Ae8B4a1cE6

WGuardian+BNB Cake-LP 0x282b6c0cf59d21ca9573ea98a7b92150c084247f

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