👼Zero to Mechas

Welcome Mechas

Welcome to Zero to Mechas, the steps below will lead you how to start MechCraft

1. Download Wallet

Mechcraft is using BlockChain technology, so you will have to download a Digital Wallet in order to proceed with transcations , here some wallet suggestion to you 👍

i. Metamask

ii. imToken

2. Add Anistic Network to your Wallet

Mechcraft are using Anistic Network, you will have to setup the network to your wallet in order to proceed transcations on mechcraft , see the Quick Guide of setup Anistic network

3. Register MechCraft Portal

see the Quick Guide of Register an Mechcraft Portal

4. Bridge from ETH or BSC to Anistic Network

on this step, we have to bridge the crypto to Anistic Network, in order to purchase starter pack from game portal, see the Quick Guide of Anistic Bridge

currently crypto supported (WBNB, BUSD, WETH, USDT, TUBE2)

5. Adding Token Smart Contract to your Wallet

see Quick Guide of Anistic Network Token Smart Contract

6. Purchase Starter Pack from MechCraft via Portal

see Quick Guide of Purchasing Starter Pack from Mechcraft via Portal

7. Download MechCraft

Click here to Download NOW👍

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